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First, business representatives / sales representatives

Job responsibilities:

Responsible for business negotiation, maintain customer relationship.

Job requirements:

1, excellent telephone communication skills, a keen sense of information, men and women are not limited, high school education;

2, over one year sales or customer service experience;

3, have good language expression ability, interpersonal communication ability and service consciousness;

4, strong goal pursuit, strong learning and successful desire;

5, interested in sales, can withstand the pressure, willing to accept the challenge, and have confidence to complete the company's sales tasks independently;

6, independent of the company's product sales tasks, to maintain good cooperation between the company and customers.

Two, customer service representatives

Job responsibilities:

1 accurate and proficient in business knowledge, product and service content, to answer the customer's questions in a timely and accurate manner, the initiative to recommend products and services to customers;

2 responsible for the project with a single, for the record, return visit, add the site information, website background management, etc., coordinate the project, follow up the progress;

3 responsible for collecting and arranging customer feedback, tracking the progress of the problem, and timely reply to customers;

4 responsible for the analysis of customer issues and comments, enhance the quality of web services with other departments to adjust strategy,?;

5 to do follow up new customers, old customers pay a return visit, and product expires before the customer tracking service, notice to customers on time renewals, contributed to the second cooperation relations;

6 after signing a good job tracking, customer service and other value-added services guide.

Job requirements:

1 college degree or above, with customer service work experience or related background preferred;

2 skilled use of Office office software, website construction business has a certain understanding and foundation;

3 standard Mandarin, articulate, good communication skills and telephone service consciousness;

4 handle affairs, work carefully, thinking, and have team spirit;

5 can withstand a certain pressure, to have a strong sense of responsibility, has the ability to handle affairs independently and effective use of time, patience and proper handling of customer problems, maintain good customer relationship.

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