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About Layada 

      Founded in 2011 , Huizhou Layada Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional designer and manufacture of telematics and wireless communications products . During the 9 years , with the experienced team whose average length of service in telecommunication industry is more than 15 years , Layada has been cooperated with a wide range of clients ( China Mobile , Vodafone , Telefonica)on some basic but friendly projects . 

      Layada focuses on basic telecommunication terminal products for the special market and area, esp.for the countries with complicated electronic environment . We keep supplying them stable communication device like telephone set with strongest anti-interference; Fixed wireless phone total solution for rural area with weak GSM signal ; and IOT system/products. 

      We strive to solve the communication problem for the developing countries and regions. We enjoy what we are doing and we are good at it. And we sincerely welcome more and more partners join us ,for work , for fun, for achievement.  

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