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Middle end call

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Product details

1. Support DHCP assigns IP address, etc automatically

2. Support PPPoE(used while connecting ADSL,cable modem)

3. It can update the program through HTTP, FTP and TFTP

4. Check the dynamic voice; Soft the noise; Buffer technique of voice

5. Hold Function

6. Speed-dial

7. Caller ID display

8. DND (Do not disturb), black list, restricted list, hotline function

9. Voicemail message

10.Set through standard Web Browser

11.Remote Management Function

12.Classification management for common user’s password and super-user’s password.

13. Support **codes function

14. Call waiting

15. Auto answer

16. Call park

17. Call transfer

18. Three way conference

19. 802.1x authentication

20. LLDP feature

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